Enigma® Technology

Enigma® Diagnostics Ltd. has a large portfolio of proprietary technologies which support integrated real-time PCR:

    • Automated sample preparation
    • Real-time PCR instrumentation
    • Unique direct heating thermal cycling
    • Novel real-time PCR chemistries
    • Freeze-dried PCR reagents

Enigma technology can be applied to a wide range of different samples.

For further information on Enigma’s Technology please contact:
E: info@enigmadiagnostics.com

Intellectual Property

Enigma has an exclusive licence from the Defence Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL) to a portfolio of patents that represent over 15 years of UK Ministry of Defence funded research. Enigma’s own R&D activities have added additional proprietary technologies to generate a strategically important portfolio of over 300 worldwide patents and patent applications dedicated to real-time PCR. Many of these patents are granted in key worldwide territories including US, EU and Japan.

This extensive pipeline of platform technologies represents the next generation of miniaturised & fully integrated molecular diagnostic products.

Due to the broad applicability of these proprietary technologies, Enigma has an established out-licensing programme and can tailor licensing agreements and development collaborations to meet the needs of our partners.

Key proprietary technologies:

• Electrically Conducting Polymer (ECP)
Unique direct heating technology
– Rapid, miniaturised thermal cyclers and lab-on-a-chip systems

• Cell Viability
– PCR technology to determine bacterial cell viability

• Sample preparation
– Magnetic bead and fluidic based nucleic acid sample preparation