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How To Choose The Best Doorbells For Your Home?

Aren’t you are bored with Knock-Knock sound? Don’t you want to catch musical attention about somebody’s presence outside the door rather than heavy banging sound? 

The doorbell is one of the best technological innovation so far. It is an equipment which notifies people inside the house about the arrival of the guest. The visitor has to press the switch present in the doorbell and a signal is transmitted to the other unit existing at another end inside the room. The best part of the doorbell is that it catches the attention of the people staying inside the house by a musical tone. Essentially, there are two types of Doorbells. They are Wired and Wireless doorbell. 

In older times, when the doorbell was invented, wired doorbells was used by many. It was cheap and easily available. But as the technology progressed, more efforts we’re given to inventing a new form of the doorbell. Hence, the result was the innovation of wireless doorbell. 


The differences between Wired and Wireless doorbell are mentioned and explained below:-

  1. Wiring:- The important part of a doorbell on which both types of the doorbell has been differentiated is the wiring. Wired doorbell needs wiring whereas Wireless doorbell can be installed without wiring. If wireless doorbell has been installed in the house, then in case the person want to change his house, then he won’t have to, unlike wired doorbell, remove all the wires. The person just has to remove the unit present at both the ends of the house which is very easy. 
  2. Safety:- Wireless doorbell is safer than a wired doorbell. Due to heavy wiring, a wired doorbell has many chances of giving a small shock to the person pressing the switch. But a wireless doorbell has least or no possibility of producing shock. 
  3. Portable nature:- In case a person wants to carry wired doorbell from one place to another, then he needs to remove all the wiring from one end to another which is a very lengthy procedure. A wireless doorbell is easy to remove and carry from one place te other.
  4. Facility:- A wired doorbell need a professional electrician for its installation whereas the wireless doorbell can be installed without an electrician. 
  5. Source of energy:- Wired doorbell needs an electrical source of energy whereas wireless doorbell needs an electrical or battery-operated source for transmission of the signal to the other end.
  6. Cost:- Wired doorbell is inexpensive whereas wireless doorbell is a hi-tech appliance so it is costly.
  7. Maintenance:- Wireless doorbell requires less maintenance whereas wired doorbell demands a lot of maintenance. The cost of supervision is more in wired doorbell as compared to the wireless doorbell. It means that once a person installs wireless doorbell he will be free from its cost of care for a long time.

Types of Doorbells:-

There are many types of wireless doorbells. They are divided on the basis of technology which has been fixed in them and made it a little variant from other wireless doorbells.

  1. Standard Wireless doorbell:- This doorbell resembles with wired doorbell but the only thing that differs is the wireless technology of the doorbell. One unit is installed outside the house and the other is installed inside the house. This doorbell is cheap in cost. 
  2. Wireless Video Doorbell:- In this doorbell, a video camera and speaker are installed. This feature enables the video of the person present outside the house. A person can also communicate from one end to the other with the help of the speaker.
  3. Wireless video doorbell with motion-sensor:- This doorbell has a video camera and speaker. This doorbell is coated with an extra security coating in the form of motion-sensor. This feature facilitates the owner of the house with an alert on his phone about the arrival of any visitor. This also captures the movements of the visitor.
  4. Wireless video intercom doorbell:- The intercom feature of this doorbell helps the person present inside the house to communicate with the visitor present outside the door. The owner of the house can also ask for some necessary details for his satisfaction and allows the person to come inside. 
  5. Wireless doorbell with Flashlight:- In this type of doorbells, a flashlight feature is installed. This is basically for a person with hearing impairment. But in case of the noisy environment even if the sound of the doorbell remains unnoticed then flashlight helps in catching the attention of the people present inside to house to notify that someone is standing outside the door.

Therefore, the above-mentioned facts give a clear image of the wired and wireless doorbell. If you don’t want to spend much of your time in searching for the best wireless doorbells, then you can go through this article. Wireless doorbell is a hi-tech innovation which gives extra security to its customers. It has several benefits like wireless feature, easy installation, high portability, safety and security, etc. There are varieties of doorbells present in the market. All the types of doorbell have something different from each other. Some have speaker facility whereas the other has a video camera feature. Some have a flashlight feature whereas the other has intercom feature which enables the communication between the people present at the opposite ends of a room. 

Now, it depends on the consumer which doorbell he wants to buy, one with so many features or with so much of wiring. In this busy schedule and keeping in mind crimes like burglary and looting in the society, wireless doorbell acts like a watchman of the house with arms and weapons like video camera, speaker, intercom etc. 


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