11 Best Places to visit in Singapore

An epitome of globalization and a modern masterpiece and at it’s prosperous peak, the city-state of Singapore really has it all. It is the most expensive city to live in the world and it really shows. The city has the best quality of education, health care, safety, recreation, career opportunities and much more. It’s also got a very low tolerance for indiscipline. “Singapore is completely drug free. If caught, you are going to receive Capital Punishment” says Anusha Bharathan, a local resident. Hippies, head elsewhere. If you want to see how the future looks like but do not own a time machine, a simple ticket to Singapore will suffice. Here are the best places to be in the city.

Henderson waves

“Why do I have to learn complicated mathematical calculus when I’m not gonna use it anywhere in real life?” What you’re looking at is an accurate representation of a mathematical model that has been integrated with steel, sand and cement to create an expansive recreational marvel. Henderson waves is a bridge built in the mid 2000s. A brilliantly executed architectural feast, it spans over 250 meters in the land scare city of Singapore. The idea was to create better access to witness the natural beauty the hillside has to offer, and boy it does! The view from any point in the bridge is breathtaking and you will find yourself gazing endlessly into the horizon, sitting on generously sloping all weather tinder boards.

Japanese and Chinese Gardens

The world knows Singapore as a technologically advanced and highly developed city. Amidst all the modernization, two little islands in the West are connected by the Bridge of Double Beauty. Floating on Jurong lake, the two islands are the Japanese and Chinese Gardens. You are welcomed into the Chinese garden by two large lions made out of stone. The design and theme are obviously Chinese, Imperial Chinese to be accurate. Large gardens and open spaces are punctuated by stone pavements and channels of calm and clear water. Perfect Pagondas including the seven storey Cloud Piercing Pagonda, a huge bonsai garden and statues of Chinese Warriors are other attractions. The Japanese Garden has its own charm with Japanese Pagondas, cute little bridges and rock sculptures. The Gardens are a place of zen and refreshing your aura during the weekdays. One can just walk around and take in the views. During the weekends, the gardens are filled with locals enjoying picnics and playing sports.

Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is probably one of the few museums that is fascinating both on the inside and the outside. The architecture takes inspiration from a lotus flower with 10 petals, each petal hosting a different kind of galleria. The petals intersect at the Lily pond in the center. Harvested rain water comes together as a waterfall diving into the Lily pond completing the aesthetic. International exhibitions are a common feat at this museum as it partners with world class museums and galleries. The exhibits are of different fields include paleontology, marine biology, particle physics, IOT and many more.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer was once the largest Ferris wheel in the world, at almost 600 feet at its highest point. It offers the best view of the entire city. There are little cabins that can accommodate upto 20 people in each pod. It can get quite packed as it is a major tourist attraction. It only gets better during the night. Your eyes will sparkle as they see the dazzling city of Singapore in all of its glory.

Gardens by the Bay

This will undoubtedly be the best garden you’ll see in the world. You will repeatedly have to pinch yourself to realize that it is reality and not fantasy. The whole place looks straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar. The park spans 250 acres of lush greens bracketed by channels of water. Such is the beauty of this garden, it has inspired hollywood itself, with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Hitman: Agent 47 taking visual cues from this garden. It is also home to the largest greenhouse in the world. This place is an absolute treat for lovers of nature and horticulturists.

Siloso beach

Although most of the city of Singapore is man made, you will be surprised that the best beaches of Singapore are man made too! The white sand was exported directly from Malaysia. Siloso beach is located on the island of Sentosa. It is a soothingly energizing beach. The sea is not rough and the waves are smooth and sailing rather than coming directly at you. Locals enjoy playing volleyball and cricket among other beach sports and it does get quite competitive! One can cool off in the beach after a game and then enjoy some lip smacking delicacies as there is an entire chain of restaurants along the beach. Adventure junkies, fret not! They also have a flying trapeze to perform aerial stunts, and a 500 meter zip line from Imbiah Hill to the Fox Finishing point.

Haji Lane

Such is the diverse spread of stores at Haji Lane that it will take you an entire day to explore it completely. This place to a shoppaholic is like drugs to a crackhead. Gentlemen, be prepared to be dragged to every other store with your missus. The pretty little cafes serve wholesome and delicious meals and they offer almost all kinds of cuisines, middle Eastern food being the best of the bunch. Boutiques and artifact stores are packed with interesting decor items, furniture and jewellery. Haji Lane is also know for its hip and funky salons and tattoo parlours.

Marquee Nightclub

Marquee Nightclub is the most exclusive nightclub in singapore. Such is the level of extravagance that the club has an indoor ferris wheel! It is the most happening area with A listers performing and partying often. DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta and others perform in a 15 foot LED DJ booth. This really is the place to party.

Other significant attractions include

Universal Studios

Dinner at Chijmes

Indoor Sky Diving