Best Body Weight Scales Rated and Reviewed in 2020

Technology is integrated with everything today – therefore, it comes as no surprise that body scales are now equipped enough to tell you more than just your weight – there is the BMI, body fat, muscle mass calculations, to name a few. It also comes with facilities to track your weight loss and having this information at your fingertips also helps you to keep motivated as it directly connects to your smartphone and makes you aware of your overall health which is important in today’s world. Here are some weighing scales that were best rated in 2020.

Greater Goods Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale

This body weighing scales manufactured by Weight Gurus looks like a standard version with tempered glass but it also involves a lot more than simply measuring the weight. It weighs to the nearest 0.2 lb and also accounts for five more statistics like BMI, body fat, lean mass, bone mass and water weight. It also takes all the data collected and save it for keeping record and tracking your data through Bluetooth syncing. For multiple users, it will allow separate syncing of data for each individual – there is privacy of health logs and security for a maximum of eight users. The maximum capacity for the weighing scales is 400 lbs. The bottom side of the smart is fitted with no-slip pads that will prevent the scale from slipping up and sliding around, scratching the floor. There are also four precision sensors for taking automatic measurements that will calibrate such that if it doesn’t detect weight or movement, it will switch off automatically, thus conserving energy. The 4 AAA batteries required for the weighing scale will last longer this way, along with the 5-year warranty. Make sure to purchase a separate pack of batteries as that doesn’t come with the package.

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

There is a different look to this brand of weighing scale as compared to other brands of technology-driven weighing scales. While it does look outdated, this is for the simpler individual who doesn’t want smartphone connections or any other complications. However, just because it lacks the technological innovation, doesn’t mean that the scale lacks any grandeur on its side. The scale may not be fit for Bluetooth or WiFi connections, but the scale has the capacity to store information for up to four users for a maximum of 180 days. It has a maximum capacity of 330 pounds of measurement per person and records data on seven different areas of measurement including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscles and resting metabolism. All of this data is recorded on the scale every time you step on it, with a detailed analysis of progress made and the last time your weight was recorded. There are two ways through which the measurements are taken from the sensors on the base where the individual stands and the handle for holding onto which has to be held parallel in front of you. There are options for choosing the user profile which saves the individual data but there is no privacy of data as anyone with access to the scale can access the data as well.

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

This brand of weighing scales is best known for the ease in setting it up – all it requires is inserting the batteries that are brought separately. Following this, you can download the Yunmai app which connects with the scale through Bluetooth for a maximum of 16 users. The scale takes a comprehensive reading of 10 different measurements such as body fat, water levels , BMI, BMR, muscle rate etc. – this allows you to view your weight objectively and make note of your current physical condition. The scale also has bio-impedance sensors that will provide results every time using the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. You can also use this scale to keep all of your health-related information together in one storage – the Yunmai app connects with other health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit to store this data. The scales have a sleek design and a porthole-style display that gives it a futuristic vibe, not to mention a one-year warranty.

BMI Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by Taibo

This scale looks simple on the outside but once it is linked to your smartphone with Bluetooth, it shows eight measurements more than just the weight – BMI, BMR, bone mass, muscle ration and body fat. It also has a baby weight feature. So you can weigh yourself with and without the baby to measure the difference and calculate the baby weight. The scale has a thick tempered glass with high precision sensors coated with the ITO film so there are only strategic sensors placed that gives a more accurate measurement of the weight. A maximum of 10 users can use the scale for each smartphone connected – so for two smartphones, 20 people can use the scale. The package comes with 4 AAA batteries so it is ready to use. There are automatic syncing features and the capability of storing up to 400 pounds so it is ideal for most users.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat scale

There are eleven different measurements with the help of the scale that helps you monitor your weight loss combined with the ease of tracking the goals you have set for yourself. Measurements are enabled for weight, BMI, skeletal mass, proteins, basal metabolism etc. The bottom of the scales is made up of strong ABS plastic and the top portions include four sensors and four electrodes. The RENPHO app uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone and record the data through syncing with Apple Health, Google Fit etc. The single scale allows combining multiple users on the same platform and in sharing your progress with them. If the scale isn’t connected, it will wait for the facility to connect before storing your information for further use, so there are no worries for further loss in data.


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