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How To Choose The Best Doorbells For Your Home?

Aren’t you are bored with Knock-Knock sound? Don’t you want to catch musical attention about somebody’s presence outside the door rather than heavy banging sound? 

The doorbell is one of the best technological innovation so far. It is an equipment which notifies people inside the house about the arrival of the guest. The visitor has to press the switch present in the doorbell and a signal is transmitted to the other unit existing at another end inside the room. The best part of the doorbell is that it catches the attention of the people staying inside the house by a musical tone. Essentially, there are two types of Doorbells. They are Wired and Wireless doorbell. 

In older times, when the doorbell was invented, wired doorbells was used by many. It was cheap and easily available. But as the technology progressed, more efforts we’re given to inventing a new form of the doorbell. Hence, the result was the innovation of wireless doorbell. 


The differences between Wired and Wireless doorbell are mentioned and explained below:-

  1. Wiring:- The important part of a doorbell on which both types of the doorbell has been differentiated is the wiring. Wired doorbell needs wiring whereas Wireless doorbell can be installed without wiring. If wireless doorbell has been installed in the house, then in case the person want to change his house, then he won’t have to, unlike wired doorbell, remove all the wires. The person just has to remove the unit present at both the ends of the house which is very easy. 
  2. Safety:- Wireless doorbell is safer than a wired doorbell. Due to heavy wiring, a wired doorbell has many chances of giving a small shock to the person pressing the switch. But a wireless doorbell has least or no possibility of producing shock. 
  3. Portable nature:- In case a person wants to carry wired doorbell from one place to another, then he needs to remove all the wiring from one end to another which is a very lengthy procedure. A wireless doorbell is easy to remove and carry from one place te other.
  4. Facility:- A wired doorbell need a professional electrician for its installation whereas the wireless doorbell can be installed without an electrician. 
  5. Source of energy:- Wired doorbell needs an electrical source of energy whereas wireless doorbell needs an electrical or battery-operated source for transmission of the signal to the other end.
  6. Cost:- Wired doorbell is inexpensive whereas wireless doorbell is a hi-tech appliance so it is costly.
  7. Maintenance:- Wireless doorbell requires less maintenance whereas wired doorbell demands a lot of maintenance. The cost of supervision is more in wired doorbell as compared to the wireless doorbell. It means that once a person installs wireless doorbell he will be free from its cost of care for a long time.

Types of Doorbells:-

There are many types of wireless doorbells. They are divided on the basis of technology which has been fixed in them and made it a little variant from other wireless doorbells.

  1. Standard Wireless doorbell:- This doorbell resembles with wired doorbell but the only thing that differs is the wireless technology of the doorbell. One unit is installed outside the house and the other is installed inside the house. This doorbell is cheap in cost. 
  2. Wireless Video Doorbell:- In this doorbell, a video camera and speaker are installed. This feature enables the video of the person present outside the house. A person can also communicate from one end to the other with the help of the speaker.
  3. Wireless video doorbell with motion-sensor:- This doorbell has a video camera and speaker. This doorbell is coated with an extra security coating in the form of motion-sensor. This feature facilitates the owner of the house with an alert on his phone about the arrival of any visitor. This also captures the movements of the visitor.
  4. Wireless video intercom doorbell:- The intercom feature of this doorbell helps the person present inside the house to communicate with the visitor present outside the door. The owner of the house can also ask for some necessary details for his satisfaction and allows the person to come inside. 
  5. Wireless doorbell with Flashlight:- In this type of doorbells, a flashlight feature is installed. This is basically for a person with hearing impairment. But in case of the noisy environment even if the sound of the doorbell remains unnoticed then flashlight helps in catching the attention of the people present inside to house to notify that someone is standing outside the door.

Therefore, the above-mentioned facts give a clear image of the wired and wireless doorbell. If you don’t want to spend much of your time in searching for the best wireless doorbells, then you can go through this article. Wireless doorbell is a hi-tech innovation which gives extra security to its customers. It has several benefits like wireless feature, easy installation, high portability, safety and security, etc. There are varieties of doorbells present in the market. All the types of doorbell have something different from each other. Some have speaker facility whereas the other has a video camera feature. Some have a flashlight feature whereas the other has intercom feature which enables the communication between the people present at the opposite ends of a room. 

Now, it depends on the consumer which doorbell he wants to buy, one with so many features or with so much of wiring. In this busy schedule and keeping in mind crimes like burglary and looting in the society, wireless doorbell acts like a watchman of the house with arms and weapons like video camera, speaker, intercom etc. …

11 Best Places to visit in Singapore

An epitome of globalization and a modern masterpiece and at it’s prosperous peak, the city-state of Singapore really has it all. It is the most expensive city to live in the world and it really shows. The city has the best quality of education, health care, safety, recreation, career opportunities and much more. It’s also got a very low tolerance for indiscipline. “Singapore is completely drug free. If caught, you are going to receive Capital Punishment” says Anusha Bharathan, a local resident. Hippies, head elsewhere. If you want to see how the future looks like but do not own a time machine, a simple ticket to Singapore will suffice. Here are the best places to be in the city.

Henderson waves

“Why do I have to learn complicated mathematical calculus when I’m not gonna use it anywhere in real life?” What you’re looking at is an accurate representation of a mathematical model that has been integrated with steel, sand and cement to create an expansive recreational marvel. Henderson waves is a bridge built in the mid 2000s. A brilliantly executed architectural feast, it spans over 250 meters in the land scare city of Singapore. The idea was to create better access to witness the natural beauty the hillside has to offer, and boy it does! The view from any point in the bridge is breathtaking and you will find yourself gazing endlessly into the horizon, sitting on generously sloping all weather tinder boards.

Japanese and Chinese Gardens

The world knows Singapore as a technologically advanced and highly developed city. Amidst all the modernization, two little islands in the West are connected by the Bridge of Double Beauty. Floating on Jurong lake, the two islands are the Japanese and Chinese Gardens. You are welcomed into the Chinese garden by two large lions made out of stone. The design and theme are obviously Chinese, Imperial Chinese to be accurate. Large gardens and open spaces are punctuated by stone pavements and channels of calm and clear water. Perfect Pagondas including the seven storey Cloud Piercing Pagonda, a huge bonsai garden and statues of Chinese Warriors are other attractions. The Japanese Garden has its own charm with Japanese Pagondas, cute little bridges and rock sculptures. The Gardens are a place of zen and refreshing your aura during the weekdays. One can just walk around and take in the views. During the weekends, the gardens are filled with locals enjoying picnics and playing sports.

Art Science Museum

The Art Science Museum is probably one of the few museums that is fascinating both on the inside and the outside. The architecture takes inspiration from a lotus flower with 10 petals, each petal hosting a different kind of galleria. The petals intersect at the Lily pond in the center. Harvested rain water comes together as a waterfall diving into the Lily pond completing the aesthetic. International exhibitions are a common feat at this museum as it partners with world class museums and galleries. The exhibits are of different fields include paleontology, marine biology, particle physics, IOT and many more.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer was once the largest Ferris wheel in the world, at almost 600 feet at its highest point. It offers the best view of the entire city. There are little cabins that can accommodate upto 20 people in each pod. It can get quite packed as it is a major tourist attraction. It only gets better during the night. Your eyes will sparkle as they see the dazzling city of Singapore in all of its glory.

Gardens by the Bay

This will undoubtedly be the best garden you’ll see in the world. You will repeatedly have to pinch yourself to realize that it is reality and not fantasy. The whole place looks straight out of James Cameron’s Avatar. The park spans 250 acres of lush greens bracketed by channels of water. Such is the beauty of this garden, it has inspired hollywood itself, with movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Hitman: Agent 47 taking visual cues from this garden. It is also home to the largest greenhouse in the world. This place is an absolute treat for lovers of nature and horticulturists.

Siloso beach

Although most of the city of Singapore is man made, you will be surprised that the best beaches of Singapore are man made too! The white sand was exported directly from Malaysia. Siloso beach is located on the island of Sentosa. It is a soothingly energizing beach. The sea is not rough and the waves are smooth and sailing rather than coming directly at you. Locals enjoy playing volleyball and cricket among other beach sports and it does get quite competitive! One can cool off in the beach after a game and then enjoy some lip smacking delicacies as there is an entire chain of restaurants along the beach. Adventure junkies, fret not! They also have a flying trapeze to perform aerial stunts, and a 500 meter zip line from Imbiah Hill to the Fox Finishing point.

Haji Lane

Such is the diverse spread of stores at Haji Lane that it will take you an entire day to explore it completely. This place to a shoppaholic is like drugs to a crackhead. Gentlemen, be prepared to be dragged to every other store with your missus. The pretty little cafes serve wholesome and delicious meals and they offer almost all kinds of cuisines, middle Eastern food being the best of the bunch. Boutiques and artifact stores are packed with interesting decor items, furniture and jewellery. Haji Lane is also know for its hip and funky salons and tattoo parlours.

Marquee Nightclub

Marquee Nightclub is the most exclusive nightclub in singapore. Such is the level of extravagance that the club has an indoor ferris wheel! It is the most happening area with A listers performing and partying often. DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta and others perform in a 15 foot LED DJ booth. This really is the place to party.

Other significant attractions include

Universal Studios

Dinner at Chijmes

Indoor Sky Diving

Best Body Weight Scales Rated and Reviewed in 2020

Technology is integrated with everything today – therefore, it comes as no surprise that body scales are now equipped enough to tell you more than just your weight – there is the BMI, body fat, muscle mass calculations, to name a few. It also comes with facilities to track your weight loss and having this information at your fingertips also helps you to keep motivated as it directly connects to your smartphone and makes you aware of your overall health which is important in today’s world. Here are some weighing scales that were best rated in 2020.

Greater Goods Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale

This body weighing scales manufactured by Weight Gurus looks like a standard version with tempered glass but it also involves a lot more than simply measuring the weight. It weighs to the nearest 0.2 lb and also accounts for five more statistics like BMI, body fat, lean mass, bone mass and water weight. It also takes all the data collected and save it for keeping record and tracking your data through Bluetooth syncing. For multiple users, it will allow separate syncing of data for each individual – there is privacy of health logs and security for a maximum of eight users. The maximum capacity for the weighing scales is 400 lbs. The bottom side of the smart is fitted with no-slip pads that will prevent the scale from slipping up and sliding around, scratching the floor. There are also four precision sensors for taking automatic measurements that will calibrate such that if it doesn’t detect weight or movement, it will switch off automatically, thus conserving energy. The 4 AAA batteries required for the weighing scale will last longer this way, along with the 5-year warranty. Make sure to purchase a separate pack of batteries as that doesn’t come with the package.

Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale

There is a different look to this brand of weighing scale as compared to other brands of technology-driven weighing scales. While it does look outdated, this is for the simpler individual who doesn’t want smartphone connections or any other complications. However, just because it lacks the technological innovation, doesn’t mean that the scale lacks any grandeur on its side. The scale may not be fit for Bluetooth or WiFi connections, but the scale has the capacity to store information for up to four users for a maximum of 180 days. It has a maximum capacity of 330 pounds of measurement per person and records data on seven different areas of measurement including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscles and resting metabolism. All of this data is recorded on the scale every time you step on it, with a detailed analysis of progress made and the last time your weight was recorded. There are two ways through which the measurements are taken from the sensors on the base where the individual stands and the handle for holding onto which has to be held parallel in front of you. There are options for choosing the user profile which saves the individual data but there is no privacy of data as anyone with access to the scale can access the data as well.

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

This brand of weighing scales is best known for the ease in setting it up – all it requires is inserting the batteries that are brought separately. Following this, you can download the Yunmai app which connects with the scale through Bluetooth for a maximum of 16 users. The scale takes a comprehensive reading of 10 different measurements such as body fat, water levels , BMI, BMR, muscle rate etc. – this allows you to view your weight objectively and make note of your current physical condition. The scale also has bio-impedance sensors that will provide results every time using the Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. You can also use this scale to keep all of your health-related information together in one storage – the Yunmai app connects with other health apps like Apple Health and Google Fit to store this data. The scales have a sleek design and a porthole-style display that gives it a futuristic vibe, not to mention a one-year warranty.

BMI Bluetooth Body Fat Scale by Taibo

This scale looks simple on the outside but once it is linked to your smartphone with Bluetooth, it shows eight measurements more than just the weight – BMI, BMR, bone mass, muscle ration and body fat. It also has a baby weight feature. So you can weigh yourself with and without the baby to measure the difference and calculate the baby weight. The scale has a thick tempered glass with high precision sensors coated with the ITO film so there are only strategic sensors placed that gives a more accurate measurement of the weight. A maximum of 10 users can use the scale for each smartphone connected – so for two smartphones, 20 people can use the scale. The package comes with 4 AAA batteries so it is ready to use. There are automatic syncing features and the capability of storing up to 400 pounds so it is ideal for most users.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat scale

There are eleven different measurements with the help of the scale that helps you monitor your weight loss combined with the ease of tracking the goals you have set for yourself. Measurements are enabled for weight, BMI, skeletal mass, proteins, basal metabolism etc. The bottom of the scales is made up of strong ABS plastic and the top portions include four sensors and four electrodes. The RENPHO app uses Bluetooth to connect to the phone and record the data through syncing with Apple Health, Google Fit etc. The single scale allows combining multiple users on the same platform and in sharing your progress with them. If the scale isn’t connected, it will wait for the facility to connect before storing your information for further use, so there are no worries for further loss in data.

Best Luggage (Hanging) Weighing Scales for Buying

There’s no saying when a handy luggage weighing scale comes to use – it could be right before loading it onto the belt for check-in or it could be before getting out of the house. Anyway, a handy and durable luggage weighing scale is a useful item to own and the best brands can last long enough and save much money as compared to paying last minute fares when it comes to checking in the luggage. Here are a few options that will be worth your consideration.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage scale

Instead of throwing off items off the bag or paying the heavy charges for extra luggage, choose this weighing scale that costs much less, is light and much simpler to use. All you need to do is power it up and slide the hook through one of the handles to lift it up. Knowing the airline restrictions beforehand will help you put in the right amount of weight. The weight comes in large numbers that are visible and easy to read and it makes the entire process much easier, saving the usual hassle that comes with traveling.

Samsonite Manual Luggage scale

If you’re one for the traditional weighing, this scale is for you. There is no need for powering it up for it to work and it has a simple process of working that makes it preferable to all ages. There is a slight margin error that must be accounted for when weighing luggage but it will tell you if the baggage is overweight and that’s really all you need. It is also lightweight and very affordable, making it a convenient option to carry around as well.

Tariss Jetsetter Digital Luggage scale

Here’s a luggage scale that looks attractive while working. It is an effective display of the information you require and elegant, not to forget the high accuracy assured by the company with the usage of this weighing scale. It is small and light, making it much more efficient to carry around in case of weighing emergencies with high accuracy. The lithium ion that charges the scale only needs charging very infrequently that makes it less of a hassle.

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage scale

This is for the ones who look for the strength and the durability of the handle along with the large and clear display and the maximum capacity of 110 pounds. When weighing more than one bag, this scale allows for a smooth resetting option and the 20-second warning system before it switches off because no one remembers to change the batteries until it is too late anyway. The handle, however, might be too fancy and complicated for those who prefer it simple.

Accuoz Digital Luggage scale with LCD Backlight

There is something about the aesthetic appeal of this weighing scale – the main attraction lies in the heavy-duty purposes this scale was built for along with the simple procedure of using it that makes it attractive to all kinds of people. The lightweight feature and the incredible accuracy also add brownie points to this scale’s favor. The ABS plastic construction provides a strong base that combines with the nylon attachment strap to make a formidable machine.

4UMOR Portable Digital Hanging High Precision Luggage scale

Like we said, the aesthetic appeal is one important feature of a weighing scale since the display of numbers never makes us happy, be it bathroom scales or luggage scales. There is a unique style and a wide handle that doesn’t compromise with the promise of functionality that this scale promises to keep. Combined with the well-lit LCD display that makes it easy to read, the automatic shut-down feature 60 seconds before the battery dies makes it a great conservational tactic. For those challenged in translating the weights from pounds to kilograms or ounces, there are features available for that as well.

Samsonite Electronic Luggage scale

It comes in a conical design with a simple hook made of stainless steel for supporting the luggage and while this may seem far away from the advancement made by several machines in this line of work, there is a reliability associated with this model in the way it measures the weight and the stability and durability associated that makes it more easy to use and less difficult to convince the new generation. There is an LCD screen and a lack of any surprises or other features that promise to make it more appealing. If you are looking for simple, this is what you are looking for.

Smileto 110 lb/50kg Portable Electronic scale

All this scale promises to do is to weigh the heaviest bags with a lot of precision and very less advancement in design or technology. There are features available for weight-lock once it stabilizes the load it is subjected to and a larger than life and easy to read LCD display with the weight displayed in pounds and kilos for all kinds of users. The hook for weighing is made of stainless steel and there is an automatic off feature that considers the battery life before switching off. It also works to provide the room temperature on the scale.

Zeerkeer TSA Electronic Luggage scale

As the name suggests, the device covers both luggage weighing and security measures since it is a TSA-approved design that adds that extra level of security while getting to know the current weight. There are no risks associated by leaving the bag on the side since no one can break into it with this protecting your luggage. It is easy to read and to use and the fact that you can doze off at the airport without worrying about someone breaking in makes it a lot more attractive to a wide variety of users. It is also well-built, with a practical design and lightweight with its durability and stability with heavy loads making it one of the better designs available in the market.

Why You Should Keep Track of Your Baby’s Weight

Most parents, especially those doing it for the first time, are worried about their children. There is no proportional relation with age and worry as worries about the child just take different aspects and never really dissipates. For those parents with newborn babies, as their representatives, it can get quite tricky to measure the right weight, levels of nutrition, time to walk and other indicators that determine the general health of the baby. Here are some statistics behind weighing babies and why these prove to be important reasons for keeping track of them as well.

What can determine if the baby is small or big and what makes them that way? There is a growth chart that indicates the normally expected measurements of babies. Large babies generally tend to see a correlation with their mothers and with the possibility that they could have been overweight themselves. Other factors that lead to a baby classified beyond normal measurements include the pregnancy lasting for more than 42 weeks, abnormalities in the fetal chromosomes, weight gain during the pregnancy, overstimulation of the growth of the fetus in the uterus, the mother’s ethnicity and cultural background, having given birth to other children, previous history of diabetes and sometimes that the child is a boy. The reasons for watching out for such babies are due to the fact that large babies are often more susceptible to abnormalities in metabolism such as issues related to low blood sugar and calcium, higher incident rate for traumatic birth injuries, higher hemoglobin levels and increase in the possibility of jaundice and various congenital issues. Large babies also have issues with feeding in the beginning and thus, they must be looked out for any symptoms relating to such abnormalities by both the pediatricians and their parents.

Small babies, on the other hand, are due to a handful of reasons such as the baby being born early (pre-term birth), parents are small themselves, the mother’s ethnicity or cultural background, any chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart or kidney diseases, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, malnutrition and issues of substance abuse during the term of the pregnancy. For such babies, it is important that there is regular monitoring of their temperature, glucose and hemoglobin levels before he is ready to go home. Pediatricians must regularly check the length, weight and height of the baby to make sure the baby is taken care of and well-nourished or address any feeding, developmental or medical issues that may be disturbing the baby’s intended growth rate.

Weight is often an important indicator of the baby’s health and this makes it important to track their weight loss and gain regularly. This should be done along with the measurement of the length and head circumference for an overall perspective. Breastfeeding is an important activity and there are certain criteria that this form of feeding should fit for the baby’s healthy growth, which the pediatrician will remind you of. How much the baby should weigh has a lot of factors and analysis behind it – your genetics play an important role in this matter as well as the health and nutrition levels of the mother. The fundal height measurement, which measures the distance from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus in centimeters ensures the consistency of the baby’s growth.

Another important thing to know is that every baby’s first pattern of growth is to lose weight, especially for babies that are breastfed. The first few days can see a potential reduction of up to 10%, after which there should be a rise in weight. This procedure is important for them to lose the extra fluid, present from their birth. It becomes easy to find a reason to keep weighing your baby, but do it in a consistent manner and keep a record of the same. Up to six months of age, you can weigh your baby once a month – following this, once every two months till twelve months of age and once every three months after reaching one year. Clinics will only weigh your child if they think there is an issue with the child’s development, other than that they do not recommend frequent weighing of the child, either.

Do keep a record of the child’s height and weight as they grow – maybe include their previous illnesses and vaccinations which can serve as a useful record for your doctor as well; this step isn’t necessary but it eases the ever-present worry in most parents. Steady increases or decreases in weight are completely normal and is exactly how it should be as the child grows. Parents only have to worry about rapid increases and decreases and in the inconsistency of the manner of changes. Keep yourself from comparing your charts and graphs with those of other children – the levels and pace of development is understandably unique among different kids and it does not make sense to compare these like report cards. Schedule regular visits to the doctor and keep your book of records with you for easier explanation to the doctor – it is better that there is a consistent check of your child while in the primary stage of growth and development.

Within the first few weeks, and definitely within the first six months, your baby would have doubled their birth weight. After this, you can see the gain reducing in its proportion of increase. There will be occasional abnormalities with growth spurts, difficulty adjusting to the food or a higher rate of burning calories, but there is nothing too worrisome unless it develops an unhealthy pattern. Always remember that premature babies have different nutritional needs since they need that extra push and cajoling to grow at a faster rate than normal or larger babies, given the situation of their birth and their early arrival. The weight and health measurements for them will also be different so keep this in mind while you visit your pediatrician for the next check-up.…