Realising the next generation of PCR diagnostics

Enigma® Diagnostics is taking PCR-based testing out of the laboratory with a range of simple-to-use products.

Enigma Technology

Proprietary technology providing the next generation of integrated and automated real-time PCR-based diagnostics.

Enigma Instruments

The Enigma MiniLab™ provides fully integrated and automated raw sample to result, real-time PCR diagnostic testing for laboratories, local hospitals, at point-of-care locations.

New Expert Review

The Enigma MiniLab FluAB-RSV assay: a fully automated molecular test for the rapid detection of influenza A, B and respiratory syncytial viruses in respiratory specimens. Simon D Goldenberg, Jonathan D Edgeworth, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics Jan 2015, Vol. 15, 23-32.


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